You’re Not a Genius

Veronique and Mihael had the plan. Jeff wanted to conduct an interrogation firstly with Vanessa and Jonas. I knew they wouldn’t worry. I was alone in the underground cell. It looked like a morgue with metal furniture, wardrobes and weak light on the dirty white wall. All alone, I didn’t know what to do. At one moment the hard iron door opened and The Boss entered. I expected he would explain what’s going on, but he just entered,  and froze. I realized why when I saw two masked intruders behind him. When they entered, they first shot him, and then me.



I woke up in some vehicle and realized the two intruders were actually Veronique and Mihael.

„This wasn’t wise.“ I said.

„Don’t worry.“ Mihael said and smiled. „We took care of everything.“

He showed me a USB stick.



„Do you know what this is?“    He asked.

„What?“ I replied to his question with my question.

„All the data you saw in the vehicle.“ He said.

At that moment I was so happy and relieved that I wanted to hug Mihael.

„Mike.“ I said using his nickname. „You’re not a genius. You’re a divinity!“.

I knew. The time for the finale has come. The stage waited for Jeff.

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