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My Definition of Elegant

What is my definition of elegant? Interesting question. I don’t often think about it but I could say, “live elegantly.” I let the easiness of doing things rule every aspect of my life, because things that are complicated are usually not elegant. When you have to do something and you do it in the easiest possible way, that’s elegance. I often use it as a synonym for doing something the easy and not complicated way. For me, elegant means easy and good: a way of life that has a positive impact on every aspect of my life. Successful people are the kind of people I see as elegant. The mind is the key.


When I think more about it, I see that there are few things that meet my definition of elegant and that outer successes reflect the inner state of mind.


State of mind

I have the definition of elegant in my mind. I don’t think often about it. I could say it is the idea to which I am faithful to. Too much overthinking only makes things complicated. I have a clear vision of what elegant means and that’s it. There is no need to think about it again. This is the basis of my life. Having elegance as my state of mind provides a great advantage to me and, by that, I  have a clear vision for everything I do. No matter what the problem is — job, work, writing or anything else. The important thing is that I have a clear solution to my problems.  This reflects on everything about me, from physical appearance to relationships with people.



My definition of elegant reflects also on my lifestyle. I just don’t accept things I don’t like. For example, if anyone around me thinks gold bracelets with little pearls are elegant and I think that platinum with sapphires are better, I’ll pick the latter. The same with all other things,  both material and non- material. To be elegant means to be special and unique and I very much appreciate being special and unique.



Manners and Appearance

Yes. Manners matter a lot to me. Not only manners but also appearance.  Your physical look,  behavior, gestures and everything else about you reflect your inner elegance. Let’s say, there are two couples. Both men wear fine black suits and women long black classy dresses with minimal jewelry. The first couple enters the restaurant quietly, sits at a table and very politely orders. The second couple is very noisy. The man throws his coat very arrogantly to the receptionist, looks around and smiles at the pretty women. Both couples look the same in appearance but only one I would consider elegant. It’s easy to guess which one.

So, I don’t consider elegant those who only have high-end symbols of status. Without living true elegance they are only an empty facade. My definition of elegant means mind, lifestyle, and manners reflected by high- end symbols of status.



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