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Gems In Style: The Elegant Beauty of Sterling Silver and Natural Gemstones


How gems, geometry and elegant

minimalist design create an influence?


Double Agent  (Source: Gems In Style)


Have you ever wondered what does it mean to be really elegant? Lara Gems, the founder and jewellery designer of Gems In Style, believes that real elegance comes from within. “It’s the way you express what is already a part of your personality and it is always much more than just a good sense of style. The real elegance is a subtle combination of dignity, your personal values, and creativity supported by your sense of style, of course. It is your ability to express yourself bringing together simplicity and refined sophistication through the attention to detail and your individuality.”


Dancing Orbit (Source: Gems In Style)


Australian Brand With Russian Soul

Lara’s brand Gems In Style is a natural continuation of what she is: her values, creativity, and the background.

“I’d say Gems In Style is an Australian brand with Russian soul because I was born and grew up in Moscow, culturally rich and vibrant city. The art of creating exquisite things out of semi-precious gemstones is a big part of Russian history and a world-renowned heritage.” Lara says.


Magic Quad-Lapis-Howlite (Source: Gems In Style)


At the same time being a jewellery designer with a formal training in applied mathematics, which she’s got in her 20’s, she has a very special relationship with clean lines, geometry, and precision in proportions. To her ‘less is more’.

Her brand was born out of her passion for natural semi-precious gemstones and personal quest for accessories that manifest simplicity, perfection, and sophistication. She wanted to create a brand that celebrates Earth’s Treasures in style: contemporary, elegant, and minimalistic. Jewellery like never before.


The Elegance and Simplicity

Lara says the beauty is in the details and simplicity: “An absolute authority of timeless style, Coco Chanel said: “Simplicity is a keynote to all true elegance”. I can’t agree more. If you look at her signature style it is all about clean lines, simple geometry and details. She was so passionate about simplifying the silhouette and refining the details. Because through the details we can express our individuality in a most subtle, elegant yet absolutely authentic way. That is why accessories, and especially jewellery, are so important and can tell about the person the whole story. So be careful what you want them to say about you, choose wisely.”


Source: Gems In Style


The Power of Geometry and Elegance  

Lara believes that minimalist geometric jewellery design is really powerful when it comes to elegance and much more. Subconsciously we perceive basic geometric shapes differently: circle, square and triangle “send” to people different messages making them feel one way or another.

Do you want to make an impression and create an influence without saying a word? You have to know how to use the power of geometry by simply wearing jewellery of different geometry.

“Square and rectangular shapes create a sense of stability and authority. Circles and ovals create an impression of unity making us feel protected and included. The triangle is one of the most powerful geometric shapes associated with strength and resilience. So depending on the occasion and your goal you can consciously, so to say, ‘program’ your outfit with your geometric jewellery in order to create an impression you desire.” Lara explains.


Source: Gems In Style


Impression and Influence

Lara’s brand is for people who want to leave a great impression and create an influence. If you want to look like an expert with a sharp mind and attention to detail, Lara recommends wearing geometric jewellery based on square shape. The subconscious message you are sending to others is “You can trust me. I have expertise and great attention to detail.”

“A good example would be our Magic Quad and Enigma collections; they will speak out your confidence, independence, and sense of style. Choose round shape geometric jewellery if you go on a date or are approaching a difficult conversation and want to calm down your opponent.  Our Dancing Orbit and Athena Aegis necklaces will  definitely have an impact on others and make you look effortlessly elegant and confident!”, Lara advises.


Source: Gems In Style


After talking with Lara, I was amazed. The three different forces: the symbolism of geometry, the magic of natural gemstones, and the beauty of sculptural sterling silver have created a new and powerful beauty – the beauty of elegance.





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