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2 Let’s Go Outside

Jazz Club Helene was the club where people went to show themselves at their best. From the outside, it was very flashy. There was no war at  “Helene’s”. The lights of the street lamps illuminated the gold and platinum on the necks of the ladies and made their intense red lipstick even more brilliant as they smiled in the arms of their suitors who wanted to have fun. The crowd who entered the club consisted of different groups. So, those who wanted to have fun were the majority, but there were also those who wanted to enjoy the music, have a drink, spend time in the crowd, and do many other things. Among those people was also a young man of fine culture. He was the perfect image of a gentleman of that time. Fine suit and a tie, tailored just for him and the blue cocktail on the table made him look like a refined gentleman. Seeing a blonde in red selling different kinds of cigarettes, he snapped his fingers and she arrived.

She smiled. Very gallantly, she showed him one of the finest cigars she had.

“Thank you, Mr. Adrian.” She said. Although she was just a humble cigar girl, she behaved like one of those ladies from high society. Leo Adrian loved her attitude and admired her courage. She was no older than eighteen or nineteen, but every evening, especially during the weekends, she visited the club and sold cigars and sweets to ladies and gentlemen. Leo knew why. Little Rosie was the reason. Jean was a single mother who had to support her daughter. Abandoned by all, this was the only reason. Very often, Jean was the object of humiliation and mocking. So, tonight, there were few rude men who circled around her when she left Leo’s table.

“Pretty lady.” Said one of them. “Do you like to have fun?”

“We’ll show you real fun. Behind.” Said another and pointed to the back entrance.

Leo saw this and stood up for her.

“Hey boys! Behave like gentlemen!” He said very politely while the singer with the Veronica Lake hairstyle sang some ballad. Her beautiful voice gave chills to everyone in the club.

“You’re in a fine place.”

Leo Adrian was a tall man, but this drunkard was taller by a head than him. He pushed his disgusting and pale face into Leo’s, fresh shaved.

Leo could smell cheap alcohol miles away. He was a great connoisseur of all kinds of liquor. Even in his dreams, he could tell the difference between cheap alcohol and tasty wine, whiskey, champagne or something else. So, now, he curved his lips, along with all the muscles of his face into a pretty painful grimace. Like he’s going to vomit.

“Your breath kills.” He said only these three words.

The drunkard, dressed in a suit that also smelled terribly, turned to his friends.

“My breath kills.” He said and laughed. They laughed.

“Let’s go outside!” Leo said. He bluffed, and he didn’t want them to know he’s bluffing.

“Fine, let’s go.” The drunkard agreed.

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