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Finale, Part 2

„Stay where you are!“ She ordered and threatened me. „And pray that Jeff arrives soon. Your friends will suffer less.“
I looked at her. The woman I once loved was now a monster. Unrecognizable. Fortunately, Jeff arrived in a few minutes, holding Vanessa and Jonas at gunpoint.

„I’m hurt.“ He said cynically. „You started the party without me.“
„Just insurance.“ Amanda replied. „We didn’t want our guests to leave the party. Did we?“ She asked Mihael and Veronique.
Jeff smiled.
„Good.“ He said pointing the gun at me. „Go!“
„Where?“ I asked.
„To the cliff!“ He said pointing towards the nearest cliff.

„You’ll throw me?“ I asked him.
„No.“ He answered and explained precisely in his own, wicked manner. „I’ll let you enjoy the taste of the sea while I put a bullet in every part of your body. The head, of course, will be the last.“
„May I give my jacket to Vanessa?“ I asked. I hoped I sounded like I was condemned to a death sentence.
„No!“ Said Amanda and smiled. „Give it to me! She won’t enjoy it because she will be dead!“
I saw Vanessa. She cried. My heart was breaking.
„Sorry.“ I said.

Jeff pulled me toward the cliff. Five minutes later I saw the explosion. I smiled because I knew Amanda would grab my jacket and find my smartphone. And it would activate the bomb. On her touch. Enough to kill her and release all the prisoners. When the bomb exploded, I waited a moment and hit Jeff hard. We struggled and fell from the cliff. Straight into the sea. But Jeff activated the bomb and threw it onto the stone face of the cliff. Both of us were hit by the rocks. I noticed a trail of blood and saw Jeff’s body. He was dead. I fell unconscious.


Two months later
My boss came to visit me. I was in a secret facility. They saved me. Secretly. To everyone, even Vanessa, I was dead.
„It’s better for you to stay dead.“ He said.

He gave me documents for my new mission. Somewhere in South America. I went to Vanessa’s house the same afternoon. I didn’t enter, but watched from a distance, behind the tinted glass of my new car.


I finally saw her. She was beautiful, but very sad. That was my last goodbye to her. Then I remembered. Again. Talking with some Nazi officer. I had a strange haircut.



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