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Finale, Part 1

My phone rang. It was one of those video calls. I knew  it was him. I picked up. Before that, Jonas found the computer and fixed it all up.

„You disappointed me!“ Jeff said holding his hand on some tablet device.

I smiled. It was a great satisfaction to see the face of that bastard. He smiled too, not knowing what will happen. Or won’t.


„What?“ He said anxiously. „It can’t be. You couldn’t!“

„I couldn’t what?“ I asked smiling and looking very superior at that moment.

„The plan was perfect. I was planning it for months.“ He sounded like  he  couldn’t believe that he is just a man who can make a mistake.

„But one tiny mistake…“ I  continued.

He hit his fist on the table. Very hard. I could hear the force of the blow. He pulled  out the gun.

„Well,“ he said „in that case your friends will pay.“

He turned the camera toward Jonas and Vanessa. I could clearly see  that he’s holding them at  gunpoint. So, at the same time I was content and scared.

„Why don’t you come here?“ I asked him. „Why kill them?“

He stood for a moment and then replied.

„You know what?“ He said. „You’re right. I’ll come and kill you all together. Painfully!“

I saw then how he shoved them forward. Before he hung up, he said:

„Where are you?“

Mihael turned on the tracker. He watched his phone and smiled.


„Good.“ Jeff said. „Don’t go anywhere until I’m there. I’ll send you a guest.“

Then he hung up. I didn’t know what he thought at that moment, but very soon I realized. Amanda arrived and shot Mihael and Veronique in the leg. They were alive, but in pain. I tried to help them, but she stopped me.

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