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My Right Hand

Before we entered we had to put black sacks on our heads. We couldn’t see a thing. After we put on the sacks, I heard someone up. The steps were so familiar. It was a man.  Definitely a man, but I couldn’t remember which man for sure. My hunch was confirmed when he pushed me towards the entrance. He pushed all of us along, at least it seemed that way, through a  corridor until we entered some room. At that moment we were allowed to take off our „masks“. I remembered immediately. It was our old headquarters interrogation room. Although we were in danger, the familiar environment seemed so friendly.



„Are you happy?“ the familiar voice asked. I turned around and gazed at Jeff. I wanted to attack him and yell about all of his crimes, but he stopped me.

„No, no!“ He said. „Behaving badly doesn’t go in your favor.“

„What?“ I asked angrily.

He smiled again. Vanessa stood in front of me, facing him. I saw she wanted badly to wipe the grin from his face.  It seemed she couldn’t control her hand, so I knew I had to keep things under control.

„All of you.“ Jeff continued, sounding like some very important person, military commander or something. „Will confess!“

„Confess what, pig?“ Vanessa hissed.

Jeff looked at me. He was so serious. At that moment I realized it’s true that a liar has to believe in his own lie to sound convincing. Jeff was the master.



„You’ll confess you’re a traitor. And your friends…“ He stopped on purpose looking at Jonas and Vanessa. „YOU… will confess they helped you all the way!“

„Or?“ Vanessa hissed again.

He smiled enjoying his power over us.

„All those people who were on that screen in my car…“ Jeff continued and stopped like he’s creating tension on purpose. „Are going to die!“

„To whom do I need to confess?“ I asked and his face started to glow. I hated him at that moment. We all hated him.

„To him.“ Jeff replied and pressed a button. An older man entered the room. He looked at me.

„My right hand.“ He said. I saw sadness and disappointment in his eyes.


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