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Yakov: The Diary of My Past Lives by Ajwa Sun

Ajwa Sun is a French and Spanish High School Teacher, but her first love is writing. She started to write when she was in college, however, this is the first time that she has written a book based on memories of a past life.

I was inspired to write ‘Yakov: The diary of my Past Lives’ because she needed an outlet for the constant dreams of a past life that were overwhelming her. This book was her therapy. It brought her comfort to share the love story of Yakov and Anna.


Ajwa doesn’t particularly try to answer a question and she is not even concerned with trying to convince anyone that it is possible to come back to this Earth after you die. All she knows is that she has a deep desire for everyone to know about Yakov and Anna and it just brings her so much joy and relief to share the story.


The only challenge in writing this book was to try to give it a happy ending, since she was aware that most readers do enjoy happy endings. In order to achieve that goal, Ajwa had to include some fiction with her non-fiction. This allowed her to construct a happy ending to the story.


If a reader does not believe in the possibility of living again, they can still enjoy the book simply as a sweet love story! However, there may be some people who will not be willing to read it at all, because they consider the possibility of past lives to be nonsense.  But many will read it, and many will know about Yakov and Anna, and they will know of an amazing love that is probably shared by only soulmates…“ Ajwa says.







The book  Yakov: The diary of my Past Lives, Book 1  is available on Amazon, in both Paperback and Kindle format and is as an audiobook.



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