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5 High-End Status Symbols of a Quiet and Mysterious Woman

Once upon a time, there was a quiet and mysterious woman who had a special taste in high-end status symbols. I could start this article that way, but she doesn’t agree. She is “Sandra”, an ambitious young woman, and not some dark and evil lady. Sandra appreciates luxury very much, and her top high-end status symbols are as follows.
  • PEACE. Sandra adores peace and quiet. She is often surrounded with noise and many people. She finds that exhausting. So, a quiet cabin in the woods or at the lake, with the interior that amazes and inspires, is her choice.
  • BOOKS. Reading in peace and quiet is Sandra’s favorite activity. Her favorite reading place is a beautiful and stylish reading nook.
  • ADVENTURE. Sandra likes meeting new people. For her, an adventure means exploring new and unknown places. Sandra doesn’t only want to see the place she visits. She wants experience. Learn something. Change. Grow. Sandra finds that challenge very important. She wants to see how brave she is.
  • MOVIES. Very often, Sandra wants an emotional roller- coaster. She thinks watching a good movie is one of the best ways to experience this. Bigger or smaller room with huge TV, the comfortable bed or the chair are the right solutions. While watching her favorite movie, Sandra usually drinks a healthy juice or tea, made by her own recipe.
  • PEOPLE. Sandra is not a lone wolf. She has a small circle of friends with the same attitudes, tastes, and preferences. A quiet dinner far from the crowd while enjoying the harmony of style, colors, food and drink, Sandra with one word “Perfection!”.
So, for some people, the definition of high- end status symbols is different. Sandra’s preferences meet that definition. This quiet and mysterious woman gives perfect luxury vacation ideas.

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