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Character Profile Template: Antihero

Writing antihero can be a special challenge to writers, especially if they suffer from writer’s block. So, I decided to make a special profile template to make this process easier.



The most important thing, when creating an antihero, is establishing  a good foundation for the character. So, here I won’t ask you to fill in the blanks for a hundred questions. Instead, I will include only those questions  of key importance, as follows.


THE PREMISE. So, this is the concept upon which the antihero  story will be based. When I write an antihero, I usually utilize some bitter truth. For example:


                            “Fear is stronger than  friendship.”


This premise prompts many  questions like “What happened to him/ her?”, “Where does he/ she live?”,  “Who are his or her friends?”, “Is there anyone in his or her environment with a similar fate?”, “What can he or she learn from that similar fate?“.  So, as you can see there are many questions to explore.


So, what is your premise? Sit, be calm and relax. Write down your premise and listen to your inner voice. Which questions do you hear? Write them down.  A whole new universe will open to you and now you have a chance to explore it.



CONNECTION. The second crucial thing you have to  do is to conduct your own investigation. First of all, you need to list all the characters that will be in your story, or at least the important ones.  Investigate how the mentioned premise affects them and their lives. What questions arise from the premise when it comes to them? How do they affect your protagonist and antihero? Write these things down. Make notes.


CHANGE. The premise I mentioned concerns your antihero’s past, but what about his future? What will happen or what needs to happen (positive or negative) to change him or her? Do you need to put your antihero in a certain environment? Make him meet someone special? Are you going to make your premise wrong or confirm it in your story? What do you need in order to do that? Write everything down.



My personal choice and favorite type of antiheroes are scary men or women who intimidate other people, but have many hidden scars. I usually put them in a situation where they are forced to show those scars. But, that is my choice. You don’t have to do that if you find other elements more appealing to you.

In summary,  the character profile template consists only of three sections – premise, connection and change.   These are at the heart of your character’s story and raise many other questions important for the story.







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  • Martie , Direct link to comment

    In my day (I’m 62) the actor, Steve McQueen, was the King of Cool and the most popular anti-hero.

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