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„It’s time to go.“ Amanda said.

„Why?“ I asked.

„Don’t worry.“ Jeff said. „It’s time for us to go. You stay here.“


behind the tinted glass you approached them 4

„What have you done?“ I asked Jeff.

He smiled and didn’t reply exactly to my question.

„Watch carefully what you will say when they come.“ He said half- quietly like he’s threatening me. „Remember all those people you saw on the monitor in my car?“

„Yes.“ I said calmly as my heart started to pound.

„You approached them and, “Everyone you approach will die!“ Remember?“

Yes, I remembered his phone call. His scary voice when he said these words that made me freeze.

„What have you done?“ I repeated my question.

„Just sit here and wait. They will be here in a few minutes. You’ll get your answer.“ He smiled and ceremoniously closed the door while me, Jonas and Vanessa stayed there.

Vanessa started to open the cabinets and the drawers in my living room. Very hastily. I nodded at Jonas and he touched his wristwatch. Then I asked Vanessa what she was doing.

„Is there a knife. Sharp knife? Dagger? Something made of glass that can be broken?“ She replied to my question asking me,   angrily and continued to search. Vanessa I knew was the type of person who hated to be wrong. This was the proof she was wrong and she needed to correct her mistake by eliminating it. Obviously, the anger clouded her judgment, so I had to stop her.

„Calm down, Vanessa. Be patient!“ I said.

„I can’t stand this!“ She said and tried to run out. I caught her arm at the last moment. I didn’t know if we were being monitored by Jeff, so I didn’t want to risk with her being reckless.

„Let me go!“ She yelled trying to run, but a sudden knock on the door stopped us.

We all stood frozen.  The next moment I heard a small explosion. Enough to open the door. We called it „the elegant bomb“. Yes, I used it numerous times on my missions when I didn’t want to make much noise.

behind the tinted glass you approached them 3

„They’re here!“ I said very happy and confused at the same time. A second after that my ex-colleagues broke into the room and arrested us. They weren’t friendly. Little by little I started to realize Jeff organized all of this. They, all in black, put the three of us in a specially protected van.

behind the tinted glass you approached them 5

I tried to tell them we were innocent, but they were like robots, sitting next to us. I realized at that moment all effort is useless. They are field executives who are forbidden to talk to the targets.

Suddenly the van stopped. The door opened, and two masked intruders shot all three of our captors with some sort of sedation bullets.

behind the tinted glass you approached them 1

We were in shock. And then they took off their masks. We saw the familiar faces of Mihael and… Veronique!


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