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My old crystal bottle of whiskey was still untouched. I wanted to drink. It hurt. His betrayal. Standing there, in my living room, I had so many feelings in me. I wanted to return to a month or two ago when I didn’t remember anything. I felt it was better not knowing the real truth. How Jeff, all the time, was pretending to be my friend. My brother! I thought he was  supporting me and  watching my back, but instead he plotted how to get rid of me. I couldn’t understand how a man who seemed to stand  on such high moral ground could  stoop so low and stab a person in the back who believed him the most. Then I realized he knew all time what had happened to me and tracked me all the time.

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„I want to talk to you.“ I told him. „Alone.“

Jeff smiled. This time he seemed so stable. Not like he behaved in the car.

„They won’t go anywhere.“ I said noticing he didn’t reply. „They, and me… We don’t know what you’re up to.“

He took his phone, and still holding a gun pointed toward us, made a call.

„Sweetheart. I need you.“ He said.

Amanda, holding a gun, appeared in the blink of an eye. She held a gun, too. She was glad we arrived here. I had the impression she was waiting for all of this to be over. Like some award is waiting for her.

„So, they arrived?“ She smiled.

„Yes, sweetheart!“ Jeff answered, grabbed her and kissed her so passionately in front of my eyes.

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I wanted to turn my head, but at the same time, the wish for staying cool and calm was stronger.

„I need a favor.“ Jeff told her like she is the love of his life. „ Keep an eye on them while I speak to him.“

„Yes, dear.“ She answered and continued to speak to Jonas and Vanessa. „Out!“

The door closed. I felt like my old self again. So, I took the crystal bottle and two glasses, and sipped a whiskey. To him and to me. I put his glass on one end of the table and mine on another. We sat on the comfortable chairs and look one another in the eyes. I took my glass and drank a little. He did the same.

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„Why?“ I asked wanting honesty.

„Why?“ He repeated my question and started to speak in a manner I hadn’t heard before. „It’s time for better people. You were bad, Alex. You did a lot of bad things!“

„I protected innocent people!“ I replied trying to remain as calm as I could.

That infuriated him. He threw his glass on the floor. It crashed into a thousand pieces. Like our friendship.

„You are nothing!  Do you hear me? Nothing!“ He yelled angrily. „You don’t deserve anything, you sneaky bastard!“

I wasn’t afraid, but shocked. His jealousy was the reason for everything. He felt inferior, but he hid that so well since the moment we met.

„You were jealous.“ I said.

He smiled.

„At you? Don’t be stupid!“

He opened the door. Vanessa, Jonas, and Amanda entered. Jonas’s watch was ready. I had to forget that the truth, clear like that crystal bottle, hurt so much.

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