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We stopped by the yellow house with the big terrace decorated with flowers. It was night, but I could clearly see the bright and fresh color of the sunflowers the house was painted in. Jeff pulled out the gun and threatened us.

behind the tinted glass yellow house gun 1


„All three, forward!“ He said and we were forced to enter the house.

The big brown door, golden knob, foyer. Everything was so familiar. No matter if my crazy ex- friend had a gun and was ready to put a bullet in me  at any time, I felt so comfortable here that I even wanted to sit on the brown leather sofa in the living room. Jeff noticed that and smiled.

behind the tinted glass yellow house with the terrace 3


„Familiar?“ He asked. It was clear he was having fun with the whole situation. I wasn’t bothered with that, so I looked again at the sofa in the living room. Wait… this house is mine!!!

„I live here.“ I replied to Jeff half- shocked and half- furious while Vanessa and Jonas wondered. Jeff smiled. His wide smile was so evil.

„I prepared you a little surprise. Or help?“ He said calmly still having fun with the situation. „Turn on the TV.“

„What?“ I asked in wonder.

behind the tinted glass yellow house 1


„You’ll never know what’s in the gift if you don’t unwrap it.“ He said and changed his tone of voice into ordering, almost yelling. „Turn on the TV!“

I turned it on and saw the recording of some old news.

„The conflict was very bloody. Our sources say  there is one victim. One member of the special unit burned in the fire by the storage facility. His blood and DNA were found all over the place…“

I couldn’t listen anymore and I turned off my big black flat TV. All of them looked at me waiting for what I will say. Now when I knew the whole truth. About me. Them. Everything. The pain, because of Jeff’s betrayal, was much bigger. Knowing the truth in the yellow house with the big terrace where everything started.

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