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He was another word for elegance at that moment. Not the elegance we are all used to see and that amazes us. No. I watched him. He didn’t pay attention to me. His blue eyes, like two perfectly shaped pieces of ice, watched the road. It seemed that everyone and everything will be frozen by his cold eyes full of ruthlessness.

„Don’t worry about me.“ He said completely focused on his goal. „We don’t have…“

He stopped and looked at me. At the same time, I was horrified and fascinated seeing the mix of madness, elegance and calm in his eyes.

behind the tinted glass another word for elegance 6

„Much time.“ He finished his previous sentence with the tone of voice resembling that of a deranged killer who caught his victims and prepares them for the unavoidable fate, death! I couldn’t know what he prepared for us, but I was sure it  won’t be good. In another moment my attention was directed to  a small screen by the steering wheel that showed people on the streets and in their houses where our car passed by. The head of every man on the screen was framed by a blue square. I wondered if that was some sort of face recognition device.

„What’s that?“ I asked.

„This?“ He repeated my question like it was something unworthy  of  attention. „Just my hobby. Don’t pay any attention. We don’t have much time.“

He increased  speed and from that moment we were really racing . In ten minutes he stopped and turned to Vanessa.

„Get out!“ He said.

„What?“ She murmured angrily.

„The trunk will open as soon as you get out. Take the clothes you see and change !“ He continued sounding quite nervous like we will be late. He noticed Jonas checking   his wristwatch continuously .

„Good! I like punctuality!“ Jeff said and quickly grabbed Jonas’ wrist to see the  time. Jonas became pale. Me too.

„We have to hurry! Quick!“ He ordered Vanessa and the two of us were relieved.

„No way, you bastard!“ She said. „I would rather die by torture!“

„Fine then.“ He answered calmly and pressed a button on the steering wheel. Vanessa was suddenly paralyzed and screaming in agony.

„You have thirty seconds to decide.“ He sounded like someone who was only giving  instructions. „After thirty seconds, my dear, you will never be able to do anything again!“

„She will!“ I yelled, completely terrified. „Just stop!“

„Well?“ Jeff asked. „I didn’t hear her.“

„Vanessa, make him stop!“ I begged her.

She hesitated and then she murmured quietly: „Stop.“

Jeff smiled.

„That’s the thing I want to hear. I like it when someone becomes a team player. Now go and no silly ideas or you die quietly!“

He opened the door and she got out cursing him. After five minutes she returned in a short light blue dress that revealed more than it hid. It was so vulgar and didn’t suit Vanessa at all.

behind the tinted glass another word for elegance 2

„Put on red lipstick!“ Jeff ordered her. You have it in a bag behind you.

She, furious, took the cheap red lipstick and put it on her lips. I realized that look was so familiar.

„Good. Now put on a drop or two of that perfume you saw!“ He ordered again.

„No!“ She said sounding all terrified.

„Thirty seconds. I don’t have all night.“ He reminded Vanessa of her potential fate. So, she, hesitating, took a bottle of the perfume, that I found so familiar, and sprayed her neck.  At that moment  the scent of perfume brought  flashback of a younger Vanessa  in front of my eyes. I looked at her and felt so much pain.

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„Aren’t they all the same?“ Jeff asked looking at her from above.

„You son of a bitch!“ I replied while he laughed nonchalantly. My body and mind took so much effort not to lose control. I wanted with all my heart to rip his head off. Because of Vanessa. I remembered how I met her. Me and Jeff were on a mission to destroy a human trafficking chain and that night we encountered  five victims working as  prostitutes in some dirty bar. All of them wore  light blue vulgar dresses and that same cheap perfume. One of them was Vanessa.

„So, Jonas,“ Jeff asked after he turned to the car „how much time did we lose?“

behind the tinted glass another word for elegance 4

„Five minutes.“ Jonas answered accepting his game.

„Not much.“ Jeff answered  and increased  speed again. He was so elegant. In making me feel bad and angry. He was another word for elegance.

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