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The car was luxurious and expensive. It was one of those fast, red shiny models that are good for going to parties. You know, when you go to your favorite club to come across as a big shot. While we waved the driver to stop, I realized the car was very familiar. But, I couldn’t remember where I saw it. We approached the road and it stopped right in front of us. It had tinted glass. The glass by the driver’s seat lowered and showed a familiar face smiling at us.

behindthetintedglass red luxury car 3

„Hello.“ Said Jeff half quietly, impersonating a mysterious seductive woman and showing in that way his sick sense of humor. „Are you ready to party?“

I pulled out my gun.

„Calm down, darling.“ He continued impersonating the seductress.

„You!“ I said and realized something happened to me at that moment. Like old Hector came back. Or Alex. Yes. I remembered. There was a mission once, while Jeff and I were still friends. I remembered his voice, half- mute, calling me Alex.

„Well, Alex?“ He asked like he read my mind. „Jump in. You’ll miss OUR SHOW TONIGHT!“

He emphasized these last three words sounding like the host of a TV show.

„Bring your friends, too.“ He added smiling to Vanessa.

Vanessa was calm, standing right beside me. I didn’t notice what she was up to.

„I miss you, Vanessa!“ He continued to provoke.

That was the trigger. She couldn’t stand it any longer. So, she pulled out a knife from her pocket ready to throw it at him. I stopped her in the last second.

„What have you done?“ She murmured angrily.

„I’ll tell you.“ Jeff continued to impersonate the seductress again. „Alex, or, newly, Mr. Holden is smart because he knows that being rash IS VERY VERY BAD!“

He emphasized the last three words again and that further provoked Vanessa.

„I’ll show you what is VERY VERY BAD!“ She murmured again. Her eyes revealed the fiery rage wanting to burn him and his car.

I was amazed how he had gone mad. In a single moment he transformed into a completely different person.

„My dear friends,“ he said sounding like someone who hasn’t seen us for ages. „Come in. Let’s revive all those beautiful moments.“

Then he turned on some slow Jazz music.

„I knew you all have a specific taste.“ Jeff said. „So, this is for you. Come in.“

„What time it is?“ I asked Jonas and he looked  at his wristwatch. I always did that on my mission.

Digital wrist watch

„You’re boring as always, Alex.“ Jeff said. „Like you have an appointment.“

„No, I don’t.“ I said and smiled. „Where are you taking us, Jeff?“

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