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I admired Vanessa. Although she was completely helpless, her face revealed a mixture of bravery and stoic calm.

„Be still.“ I was dead serious while trying to remove the trench coat from her to deactivate the bomb.

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She had a short laugh with a sound of irony.

„Promise me.“ She started.

„Vanessa!“ I said firmly.

„Please!“ She replied. „ You know.“

„No.“ I again said firmly.

That moment I became aware of a new feeling. I was half- angry, and half-  afraid. First I  blamed myself for everything that happened. If I had gone dark, Vanessa wouldn’t be in danger. Who knows, maybe we would meet in happier circumstances one day and… It doesn’t matter. I knew that I needed to save her. She made peace with her potential fate and I couldn’t allow that! Losing Vanessa would be like losing myself. She has always been there for me, as a real friend. And now is the moment that I am here for her.

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„What are you doing?“ She asked and tried to move away from me.

„I’ll fix everything.“ I said as calmly as I could.

„Go, Hector.“ Vanessa said trying to not to look me in the eyes. „Go and don’t look back.“

I didn’t listen to her. I took the trench coat off her. When I touched her, she became like a statue, petrified. Although she didn’t blink, I could feel her fear.  Deactivating the bomb took lasted for about half an hour. When I finished, I noticed a car in the distance, approaching us.

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