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Amanda, who was sitting in the front seat texted me. When I read her message, my face became pale and my heart started to beat like crazy.
„We have to jump out. She’ll kill all of us.“ I read it and realized she was referring to Vanessa who was sitting by me holding a gun hidden in her purse. I couldn’t believe it. I was so furious that I wanted to strangle her, but I managed to remain calm. Then, she took out the gun and pointed it at Amanda.
„Drive.“ She said all cold to Jonas and then threatened me.
„If you try something, her brains will be all over this car.“
„I won’t, Vanessa.“ I said. „Let’s be calm, all right?“
She seemed like she didn’t listen to me at all. Jonas kept driving and the car slowly left Spain and returned to the French border. Amanda didn’t say a word. I was very worried about her.After twenty minutes, give or take, the car stopped in  the woods.
„Out!“  Vanessa ordered.
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We got out. I looked at Vanessa’s face. She was crying. Silently. Then I looked at Amanda’s. She was so calm. I didn’t notice a trace of fear. No! That can’t be. No! That’s impossible! She can’t! We loved each other!
In that moment she proved everything I was afraid of is possible. She took the gun from Vanessa and victoriously approached me. Her face was so near mine that I could smell her orchid perfume I knew so well.
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„Can you feel it?“ She whispered. I felt her breath on my cheek. It evoked the same feelings like Jeff’s voice on the phone. The fear with a touch of anger.
„What have you done?“ I tried to stall as long as possible.
Amanda smiled. She hid her face behind my ear, so I felt that smile was only for me.
„Many things.“ She replied.
„Why?“ I asked again.
She took a few steps away from me.
„He gave me everything I ever wanted.“ She said full of creepy admiration for a man that once was like a brother to me. „When I met him, I finally learned what  true power was.“
„Amanda, this is not you.“ I said.
„Yes, this is the real me. The new me! Amanda who knows how to truly live.“
Then she realized I want Vanessa to do something and laughed.
„She can’t do anything.“, she replied, and approached putting her red lips near mine and kissed me very passionately. Then she looked, still all victorious, at Vanessa. Jonas tried to do something, but she pointed the gun at him.
Jonas Svidras
„Don’t you dare!“ She said.
He stopped and she continued to talk to me.
„My new… Friend has another challenge for you. If you overcome it, go East!“
She approached Vanessa and slightly raised her coat. I noticed a little black box with a digital clock ticking.
„If she just touches it, you will find her body parts scattered all over the woods. The only person who cannot activate it is you, Hector.“ She said. „My mission here is over.“
Then she entered the car. I tried to stand in front of the car and stop her, but she knew I wouldn’t kill myself in a situation like this. Her eyes were full of poisonous malice. I had to step back knowing that was not the Amanda I used to know. My Amanda.


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