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I have always been interested in an idea of a beautiful writing. I wanted to know what that means and what makes writing beautiful, so I asked 16 writers…

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  1. Morissa Schwartz

~ Morissa is a young bestselling author, digital entrepreneur and media personality to advocate for the new generation. She is the owner of GenZ Publishing, a thriving publishing company with over 50 authors signed and multiple bestsellers.
Beautiful writing is about taking a reader on an experience. It is not merely telling but showing. A reader should have a clear picture in his or her mind when they read a piece and should only be left with the questions that the writer intends. Great writing does not have to reinvent the genre, but it should do something different enough that a reader does not feel as if they have read that particular piece before.

  1. Torsten Krol 

~Torsten is the best-selling author of the FOREVERMAN series, Callisto, The Dolphin People and The Secret Book of Sacred Things.
Writing is sometimes beautiful, sometimes not. It depends entirely on the author’s intention. “Mein Kampf” drips poison into the reader’s mind, whereas Omar Kayam’s lines urging us to grab a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and our lover is excellent advice. Any kind of writing that parts the clouds, allowing us to feel sunshine upon our collective face, comes closest to being beautiful. Words at the opposite end of the spectrum are best ignored or derided.

  1. Stuart Aken 

~ Stuart is a writer of fantasy, sci-fi, romance and everything he fancies.
We all see beauty in different ways, in different things, so one reader may find beauty in the human form and another may see it in nature. The thoughtful reader may see it in the ideas and themes, and the grammartarian in the syntax and structure.
For me, as a writer, and a reader, the beauty lies in the evocative power of language used well. A passage that can take me somewhere new to experience something unknown, or a few words that deliver the character to me as a friend. That’s where I feel the beauty of writing.

  1. Zena Goldman 

~ Zena is a travel, parenting and lifestyle blogger embracing family travel and adventure a little later in life.
Since starting my blog, Zena’s Suitcase, I’ve learnt a lot about what a powerful and beautiful thing writing is.  For me, as a writer, it’s given me a voice and the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas on topics I’m passionate about.  For the readers, it gives them an insight into experiences and ideas that they perhaps would not have been aware of.  Writing is beautiful as it has the power to change minds, educate and entertain depending on what you are open to that day.

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  1. Bernard Jan 

~ Bernard is an author, novelist, and poet. He writes in Croatian and English language.
The ability to express yourself through dreams or facts, to venture into worlds and places you will never see, to create something beautiful and important on the pillars of your imagination, to make a positive impact, and to share what you love with those who appreciate it.
(The last one is my motto too).

  1. Izzibella Beau 

~ Izzibella is a screenwriter, author, and casting director. She recently became CEO of a production studio, H. J. Productions.
What Makes Writing Beautiful? In my opinion, any form of writing is an expression of the author’s soul. Writing allows one to share their thoughts, ideas, special worlds and characters that dwell in our minds every day. The beauty of writing permits the author to learn through research, and also teach through their own work. Creative writing grants the author the ability to share parts of themselves through the characters that they write. Writing is an author’s way of escape as it is for the reader when they open their minds to the works of an author.

  1. Jacey K Dew

~ Jacey is the author of the Dezirah series (supernatural apocalypse). She also writes novellas.
Freedom. Writing is an ultimate freedom; from how you write to what you write about. You can find a voice that would otherwise go unheard. Explore worlds that you may never visit in person. Dreams and inspiration become possibilities.

  1. Jenna Whittaker 

~Jenna is the sci-fi & fantasy author and artist.
I think what makes writing beautiful is when the author uses their experiences and emotions to write scenes that are compelling, realistic, and sometimes emotionally traumatic–and the reader can identify with it.

  1. Brian Shell 

~ Brian is an author of over 30 Kindle eBooks and a dozen paperbacks. He has helped a handful of people publish their first novel.
Brevity is the root of eloquence. In physics, Occam’s Razor offers that given all possible solutions, the most elegant tends to be the most correct. The same is true of the written word. In the hands of a craftsman, a wise builder knows his or her tools inside and out. It’s a poor workman who blames their tools. Thus, simile and a little bit of alliteration with a bit of rhyme crafts a cool sentence every time. Like any pursuit Life offers, precision and passion present self-confidence. That sells itself. If happiness is something we create ourselves, a well-crafted sentence *can* change the world – your world – with the smile of knowing you went the extra mile to bring a bit of beauty into the world… and that my friends… makes the world a better place because you are in it.

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  1. Peter Davidson 

~ Peter authored or co- authored 25 books. He writes nonfiction, novels, college textbooks, industry training materials, children’s picture books, magazine articles and songs.
What makes writing beautiful is the writer’s carefully pondering every word that they select to relay their thoughts to their readers. Each reader then interprets those words to glean a message that is meaningful to them in some personal way.

  1. Rich Ritter 

~Rich is a writer of edgy historical fiction with malignant villains and flawed heroes. He is the new voice of the American West.
An idea, a thought, an image dwells within; Hidden among the murky folds of conscious thought; Yearning to play within another’s mind; But captive to the limits of expression. The question is, “How does one break these bonds?”; And connect the two dissimilar minds as one; Though perfect connection is not possible; Because each mind knows only of itself. Write a symphony: quite impractical for me; Learn to paint: not interested in that; Write a novel: I think that is the answer; To link our minds in a beautiful embrace.

  1. Jeffrey Palnick

~Jeffrey is espionage novel writer and the author of „The Pretender“.
What makes writing beautiful? Did it touch your heart? Did you relate to it ? Do you go back and reread the words that strummed your heart strings . Did it mean something to you ? Off the cuff I would say these are the beauty in words.

  1. James Tyler Reichle 

~ James is a writer few months away from publishing his debut novel. He likes experimenting with short and flash fiction.
Humans have been telling stories since the far reaches of recorded history. We tell stories for many reasons, but—fiction or otherwise—the result is always the same: the world around us changes. Fiction writers create mental pocket realms into which readers retreat, and when they return they bring traces of that world back with them. Non-fiction bestows an added layer of understanding to our perspective. Thusly is our own world modified by what we read. Writers don’t just create pretend worlds; they shape the very world in which we live! Writing, in no uncertain terms, changes the world.

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  1. Kerry Cue 

~Kerry is a humorist, mathematician, journalist, and author.
Good editor. I’ve learnt that one role of the editor is to save you from yourself and I have nothing but gratitude for their vigilance. But what qualities places a good editor above the rest. (I’m not including technical or legal editors, say, who cannot comprise.) I found some book and newspaper editors try to impose their writing style on you. Some even tell you what to write. But, when there is an issue with the copy an outstanding editor asks ‘What are you trying to say?’

  1. Sai Pillay

~ Sai is a screenwriter, assistant director, and actor.
Writing Is the Life Blood Of Thoughts. Old Mythology like Vedas’ and Puranas’ are still readable because somebody wrote it so beautifully that it retains its’ fragrances within. While writing its’ important to hold a peaceful smiling gestures, with clear thoughts flowing in mind, which enhances creativity that results’ forming beautiful sets of words and keeps oneself engaged in writing even for longer time smoothly.

  1. Sky Caesar

~ Sky is a screenwriter, novel and scriptwriting critiquer.
Writing is beautiful because when I write letters, spelling them out, I write spells, spells that enchant and influence people. Writing is beautiful in its gentle, far-reaching power, so subtly so that all your eyes need to do is scan a page and an endless possibility of knowledge and entertainment is unlocked. A written piece is a timeless piece, to be revisited forever. Emotions captured forever. And this all just with an alphabet of 26 letters. Beautiful, endless possibilities, is held in writing.



  • Zena's Suitcase , Direct link to comment

    Thanks so much for including me in your post. It’s an honour to be surrounded by so many talented writers and it was a joy to read what their take on this topic was too

  • Rosy Mathew , Direct link to comment

    It was really nice reading what it takes for a writing to be beautiful from different writers. Writing is more than just scribbling some thought on a notepad. It’s more like mentally noting down our inner thoughts. It’s a work of art.

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