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My eyes hurt. I felt something irritating. Maybe it was the sun that went from mild and cozy and became sharp and irritating. So, I put my glasses on. I felt at that moment like nothing could stand in my way. I needed to get him and felt Jonas is not in the best shape to do this mission. There was only one man who could do this effectively and that was me.
behind the tinted glass drive car chase man trench coat 1
„Move.“ I ordered Jonas who was in wonder.
„Move!“ I repeated in a  sharper tone.
He moved and I took the wheel. The road, the sky, and the world around me didn’t seem painful anymore. My glasses gave all of it a mild green tone so I could focus. Yes, I could focus on the black car in front of me. Chasing it, I felt so different. Like it awakened me, my true self. So, I couldn’t think of anything. Only how to get this bastard. I was like a beast who hunts its prey. I didn’t watch where the car was going. I just chased. I only know that in one moment it stopped on the top of a  cliff. I stopped the car and got out. He did the same. All serene, like before, he was just standing there, with his back turned to me.
behind the tinted glass drive car chase man trench coat 2
„Jeff!“ I  said, trying to show him all my anger, but he didn’t move.
„Jeff,“ I yelled with rage. „Look at me.“
Then, to my surprise, he turned, but it wasn’t him. It was his lookalike in the same trench coat. It is a setup. My phone rang again.
„Did you enjoy it?“ the real Jeff asked me from the other end. „Did you enjoy like every killer enjoys it? Can you stop  pretending to be all righteous now, ha?“
„Damn you, Jeff!“
He laughed, creepy as always.
„I am damned, but what about you?“ He asked me. „You have exactly a minute to prove you are not.“
I froze because I knew exactly what that meant. It lasted only a second.
„Run!!!“ I yelled to Jonas as loud as I could.
We ran about a quarter of a mile when a strong explosion shook the area. There was no fake Jeff nor our car any longer. Only a big burning wreck.  We were still in shock when Amanda and Vanessa arrived. I didn’t notice that they were chasing us, too. When I entered the car, I noticed Vanessa, all cold and taking a gun from her purse.

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