„I don’t like her.“ Amanda said when we were finally alone and driving to Madrid. I expected that. The abduction and imprisonment didn’t only harm the body, but the mind, too.
„Everything will be fine.“ I tried to calm her, but it didn’t work. „
„I don’t want you to go to Madrid.“ She said anxiously. „I have a bad feeling.“
Confidence businessman in suit standing

My heart was breaking seeing her like that, but I didn’t have a choice. I have to go to Madrid. So, I told Jonas to drive. She was quiet, creepily quiet. When we entered one of the streets of Madrid, I finally noticed him. He was there, all serene, gazing at the sky. Jonas stopped the car and I  got out, but at that moment Jeff looked at me, smiled, waved and entered his black car that started to go very slowly. Like he invited me to follow him. I instinctively came back to the car and ordered Jonas to drive. Jeff’s car started to increase speed. Our crazy drive began.

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