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When I write my character, I like to depict their personality using physical traits. This week, I wondered how a person could be depicted using its hairstyle? How can I draw my readers’ attention and make them wonder if the character is good or bad? I got a few ideas:
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  • One of the characters, who is on the bad guys’ side, always has dirty and greasy hair. He was loyal to his boss until he met a detective who investigated the crimes they committed. What is that dirty and greasy man going to do?
  • Let’s say you set your story in a small town where everyone is nice and no one has a flaw. One of the most respected ladies in town is a middle-aged woman who always wears a golden hairpin in her black bun, fixed with unhealthy hairspray. People always notice that in her hair. What does that hairpin mean to her?
  • One of your characters works in an office that has strict rules regarding dress code. It means all employees need to have neat hair, dyed in natural color.  Except, your character dyes his hair neon- blue. Why?
  • Your protagonist is obsessed with his hair. He is always in front of the mirror, doing his hairstyle and considers the imperfections of his hair are a plus. Does that make him narcissistic?
  • One of your characters is a young woman. She has a beautiful long brown wavy hair. One forelock of her hair is light blond and that detail always draws the attention of other people. Is she the good one or the bad one in the story?

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