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When they open the box that contains these hazardous materials, they become blind and deaf. As time goes by, standing on these materials becomes so natural for them that they even start to like it.
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As a novelist, I often like to observe people. I talk with my friends, acquaintances, read comments on social networks, etc. I create my own personal categories of people just to make my writing process easier. It is a big help in making heroes or villains. I don’t use real people for my writing. I’m only interested in characteristics of a certain category. While doing that, I always learn much about people and every so often, I create new categories and groups.
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So, recently I have learned that there is a group of people that like to stand on hazardous materials. These “materials” are usually different types of lies they constantly tell themselves. In my personal opinion, that is the worst type of lying that can poison the whole life of an individual.
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For example, let’s say I knew a woman named Laura. Laura was an extremely gifted writer who could make great things with her writing. But, Laura was also greedy. So, she picked the wrong education. During the years of her education, she had many chances, to tell the truth to herself and stop living an illusion, a lie. She didn’t do that. So, when graduated, of course, she managed to get the job that brought her a lot of money. She quickly climbed the career ladder and even became a CEO, but at that moment her life started to become a hell. She didn’t have a passion and the competitive company had a passionate CEO, full of life. Laura loved her CEO position and didn’t want to lose it. So, she started to play dirty and had success. She felt all self-confident and liked her life. She accepted lies and schemes as something natural and enjoyed using it as a weapon.
behind the tinted glass lifestyle writer lie illusion
An illusion lasted for about ten years until one day, accidentally, all her schemes were revealed. She lost everything. Her life fell apart because it was built on a lie, one of the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous, hazardous materials. It works like an opium. People, all drugged, are standing on it and don’t realize it will definitely kill them one day.

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