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Easter can serve as a great inspiration for your creative writing. When I hear the word Easter, I immediately imagine a holiday on a beautiful meadow full of flowers and bunnies… That’s nice, but if I use that imagery in my creative writing, I put myself at risk of being boring.
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Why? That imagery is overused, both in fiction and nonfiction. So, to avoid using clichés and improve your creativity, you have to challenge your brain. What does it mean? You have to use the term Easter in combination with different settings. Here are 5 ideas:
  • EASTER ON THE BEACH. What do you see? Are there many people? Is the weather nice? What does your hero do? What is his/ her goal? What do others do? Is there some threat?
  • TIME- TRAVEL EASTER. In what year does your hero live? What is happening around him/ her? How do the characters in your story celebrate Easter? Do they celebrate at all?

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  • BUSINESSMAN’S/ BUSINESSWOMAN’S EASTER. Let’s say your hero is a businessman or businesswoman who owns a large company. How does he or she spend their Easter? Is Easter an opportunity for vacation for them? Something else maybe?
  • MYSTERIOUS MAN/ WOMAN IN A HAUNTED HOUSE. If you haven’t read them, you’ve probably heard the stories about mysterious loners who live in a house people believe it’s haunted. So, who is your hero? Why is he/ she so mysterious? Does he/ she celebrate Easter? Why? Why not?
  • FANTASY EASTER. Do you like fantasy genre? Put your characters in other realms. Do they celebrate Easter? How? Why? Why not? Do their celebrate another equivalent holiday?
So, meet your characters. Explore them. Tell your story about them. Do your Easter creative writing.

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