Blue Flame is a fantasy drama by Quinton Barr, actor, producer and creator who created the heroes-and-villains story with dynamic interaction of mystical beings such as elves, warlocks, giants, and its setting, both in the modern world and realms unexplored. So, we talked with Quinton his TV series that created an amazing buzz among the lovers of the fantasy genre.
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Source: Quinton Barr
BTG: You mentioned that there was an interaction of mystical beings in your TV series. Is there something you wanted to emphasize in your story?
QUINTON: Yes. I’m a huge fan of Practical FX Makeup, Jim Henson and the way that he has built functional worlds where creatures and humans interact. Blue Flame will have a similar feel.
BTG: What is the most important thing you can say about your heroes and villains?
QUINTON: James Dowling was raised not knowing his real family or history. With both sides, heroes or villains, the most important things to watch for are character development and the ever-changing emotions they go through.
BTG: You also said that your story was set in the modern world and realms unexplored. Was it a challenge to make a TV series like that?
QUINTON: Blue Flame is set in modern times and our hero James is drug into a world that has been untouched for 1000 of years. I don’t think it was hard for me to create such a world. I have a vivid imagination and sometimes my mind does not shut off. 🙂
BTG: You mentioned on your FB page that you hadn’t expected such a buzz around this show. What, in your opinion, was the most important factor in creating that buzz?
QUINTON: The buzz is amazing! I truly stand firm in believing that hard work prevails every time. And for Blue Flame I took a huge chance with the FX Makeup and way I wanted it. It could have either gone really good or really bad. I’m just so grateful so many people are enjoying what we have done and already have built a great fan base that is excited about the pilot.
BTG: What do you think, has fantasy genre changed in the last few years? If yes, what has changed?
QUINTON: Yes. I think it’s always growing, developing and changing. That’s not a bad thing.
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“Fantasy genre is always growing, developing and changing. That’s not a bad thing.” – Quinton Barr
(Source: Quinton Barr)
BTG: When will your TV series be released and where it will available to watch?
QUINTON: We are hoping funding will come in very soon for the pilot episode. We have 8 episodes ready for production. In our investor pitch package we are using a self-marketed strategy that is amazing and if we don’t go network, Blue Flame will be on platforms such as Amazon Prime, Hulu and a few others such as this.
BTG: Thank you for your time. For the last question, is there something you want to say to the fans of this genre?
QUINTON: From the bottom of my heart, thank you for watching! This has been my dream since I was a child and you all mixed with a lot of hard work and dedication are making this dream real, so from the whole Blue Flame family, thank you!
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