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„Holden,“ Said Mihael, „Veronique is missing. She went missing a few minutes ago.“
„Damn!“ I said. I was shocked and confused because the whole situation was so familiar, like it happened before.
„Her abductor left a message for you.“ He said.
„What message?“
„So, who are you gonna save? The woman you love or your boss who didn’t  know what she’s getting into?“ Mihael read. I could hear in his voice he is worried, even a little afraid.
„Amanda cannot be far.“ I said, but Mihael didn’t let me finish.
„Yes, she is far.“ He said. „We have a protocol in these situations. I activated  our associate network and one of the agents  said that both were taken to Spain.“
„He wants to wait until the summer.“ I said after I realized that is the reason he mentioned „hot“.
„Maybe.“ Said Mihael. „Now you’ll come back, wake up Jonas and the two of you will drive to Madrid. A man named Enrique will wait near the airport.“
urban legends driver behind the tinted glass
I was confused.
„Why not take the first plane. It’s much faster?“
Mihael was terrified.
„No!“ he yelled. „If you take any plane, everyone on that plane is dead!“
When he told me that, I had another flashback. I saw the bastard who took Amanda, the man in a trench coat. But, this time we were on a plane, sitting together next to each other and laughing. I remembered also the same blue uniforms we wore. Then, in one moment, he and some covert officers from our agency stood up and hijacked the plane. I didn’t remember exactly what they were saying, but I remember my mute fear and worry, fear for the innocent people who were in the plane, fear for Amanda, fear for everything.
urban legends passengers plane
„Holden!“ Mihael called. „Are you okay?“
„Yes, yes!“ I replied confused. „I’m going back.“
Then I hung up. My flashback continued. I remembered ruthlessness in the eyes of a man who was joking with me one moment and turned into a monster the next. In that moment, there was only one name in my head and it was „Jeff“!

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