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“What happened?” She asked me.
I saw the look in her eyes. She was worried. I knew that. Amanda was always the kind of person that won’t do drama. Yes! I remembered. She was always so calm and often seemed distant and unapproachable to those who would like to get close to her.
urban legend amanda behind the tinted glass flashback blur
And I was always… Yes! I was always so chatty, always on the move, bored if I’m not in the middle of the action. That’s why I was attracted to her in the first place. She has always had a clear sense of right and wrong, a straight moral code. She was not like me and my friend Jeff. Yes! Jeff! For Jeff and me, the world wasn’t black and white. It was grey. Amanda didn’t belong to our world. She was different than other women I met in my life. Maybe that’s because I liked her so much. But what happened to Jeff?
“What happened to Jeff?” I repeated the question out loud.
She smiled. It wasn’t one of those nice sincere smiles I loved so much. It was sarcasm.
“You’ll remember.” She replied with bitterness. “In time.”
“I remembered” I said, still confused from my recent flashback.
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“Remembered what?” She asked, as she sat on a comfortable black chair and took a sip of a poured drink from a crystal glass that looked like whiskey.
“Hospital. You. Me.” I replied in fragments. “And him.”
In that moment she was, like, petrified. She stood for a second holding the glass and looking at me.
“Him?” She asked terrified. “Who?”
“I can’t remember,” I said. “Blond man in a grey trenchcoat.”
When I told her that, Amanda looked like she knew who the man was.
“Who is that man?“ I insisted.
“You’re in grave danger.” She said. I noticed she looked at me like I’m condemned to a death sentence. In that moment she changed from an angry woman she was when I stepped into this apartment into someone who will miss me. I knew that as soon as she kissed me. That kiss didn’t last long because I felt someone’s eyes on my back. I turned around and saw him and his creepy, soundless smile looking from the window in front of us?. He was in the other building.
“Run.” Amanda said.
My phone rang at that moment. I picked up and heard a voice I could swear I had heard before.
urban legend window man evil
“Everyone will die.” Said a man, very happy. “Everyone you approach.”
After that, he hung up. I turned back and saw there was no Amanda. When I opened the door of the apartment, I saw Jonas and Erik on the ground. I ran out and sit in the car. This time I drove, but I only saw dawn coming to the snowy streets of Stockholm.

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