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I immediately called Veronique and Mihael as soon as I saw the news on TV. Veronique was, as always, calm and cold.
„I’ll call you.“ She said and hung up.
So, there was nothing else to do but wait. When Veronique hung up, I remembered I had forgotten to tell her about the pills. Maybe it was better. I won’t disturb Veronique if it isn’t necessary. I can handle Amanda by myself.
„Who did you call?“ Amanda asked. I felt a mix of sharpness and fear in her voice, so I tried to gain her trust, at least a little.
urban legend memories
„My boss,“ I  said as calmly as I could be.
„Who is your boss?“ Amanda asked sharply again. She sounded like a soldier.  I didn’t lose my calm.
„Miss Veronique,“ I replied. Amanda looked like a tremendous weight lifted off of her, but she was still skeptical about completely trusting me.
„Good,“ she replied, „if there is nothing else…“
I grabbed her arm. Our eyes met and I could only see despise in her glare.
„What did I do?“ I asked trying to be compassionate and understanding.
She held her hand in mine for a second or two and then violently turned away.
„Leave me.“ She ordered, hiding her face from mine. I saw she was very hurt and felt sorry for that. I was about to leave her, but then I noticed a small scar on the back of her neck.
„What’s that?“ I asked and approached closer. She turned away again.
„Nothing.“ Her reply was very harsh.
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In that moment I froze. The picture of her lying in the hospital on life support and me, angry and devastated, running out of her room was in front of my eyes. I saw him, too.  A blond man in a grey trench coat standing in the corner and quietly laughing at me.


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