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I carry a hex, bad luck, misery. Yes, that’s true. The same day I got into the car I realized it. I had to find that mysterious woman named Amanda Black. I was nervous because of what Veronique had told me. She said Amanda and I were lovers and I didn’t know a thing about that. According to Veronique’s last information,  Amanda was hiding somewhere in Sweden, and a man known only as “Erik” was my connection to find her. Veronique gave me the address where I must go and said Erik would wait for me there. I tried to stay calm and not think too much about Amanda, so I attempted to talk with Jonas, but he was extremely quiet. With every question I asked him, like his age, interests, etc., the replies were terse and followed by silence as he continued to drive.
While watching the fading rays of winter sunlight that bring a little warmth to people, I remembered I must take my pill. I swallowed one of these little wonders and hoping it will bring back my old life. I liked the feeling of the stream of fresh, cold water going down my throat.  I felt like it washed away all the fog in my head.
urban legends pills
Soon, the darkness arrived and the street lights turned on. We were somewhere in Northern Germany when Jonas stopped at a gas station. I was still in the car when I noticed a young man staring at the tinted glass like he wanted to find out who was sitting behind it. Very soon Jonas came back and we continued our trip. During the drive, I noticed at least five other people staring at the car in the same way.
urban legend young man staring
We arrived in Stockholm about 3:00 a.m. and met Erik. He didn’t say much and he immediately brought me to the apartment where I met her. Yes, HER. I finally faced the mysterious brunette in a black suit. Amanda Black. The woman I had supposedly loved once.
„Bastard.“ She said when she put her eyes on me.
I tried to explain to her that I can’t remember a thing, and I showed her my pills. She took the bottle, opened it and to my surprise, dumped all of the pills down the drain.
„Why did you do that?“ I asked.
„I hate you, but not completely.“
„What?“ I was confused.
„These pills are not for bringing back your memory. They were given to you to stop your memory from returning,“ she replied very sharply.
urban legend woman at gas station
Then I saw the news on TV. All those people who were staring at my car were found dead, possibly tortured.

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