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I got into her car. It was nothing special. Just an average, inconspicuous black car on the road. But, I noticed one distinctive feature. It had black tinted windows.
“Nice car,” I said.
“I’m glad you like it,” she replied, “It’s yours.”
I didn’t know what to say.
“What?” I said completely surprised. “Who are you?”
Then she gave her real name. For her safety I’ll call her “Veronique” from now on. She moved here from the south of France five years ago, and she runs a small private investigations agency.
“I need a man with specific skills.” she said. “Like yours.”
I smiled.
“You are wrong. I don’t have any skills for this job.”
“Really?” she asked and then pulled a knife and tried  to stab me. I grabbed her hand instinctively and overpowered her in a split second. I was shocked.
“See. You are the right person for this job.”
I didn’t say a thing the rest of the drive. The driver, some young twenty-something man, didn’t pay attention to us at all. Creepy and speechless, he was driving all the time. I saw my face in the rear view mirror. My bushy but neat beard and my hair were very gray. Like always. Wait, why did I think this…
And then I had my first flashback. I was really upset and lying in a pool of blood, half- dead. It was in some dark room. I tried to remember more, but then the flashback was gone. Veronique pushed a button raising a window that divided front and back seats.
“We’re almost there,” she said.
I didn’t want to talk to her about my flashback. I don’t know yet who she is. Maybe all of this is some kind of setup. I don’t know.
urban legend pi agency boss
The car stopped. We got out and I glanced at a nice white villa. Then, the big bronze door that divides the property from the street opened. It really didn’t look like a building where a private investigation agency would usually be based, but more like a house that looks normal from the outside, but inside is actually a criminal headquarters. So, my instinct told me to turn back to the car. The creepy driver was still there, behind the tinted glass.
Business people walking together in the city
„Leave Jonas,“ Veronique said. „You will have an opportunity to meet him. Now you have to meet another partner.“
Then we entered the big yard. Full of flowers of all colors, it was really beautiful. The whole villa, with a terrace, was decorated with white orchids. She pushed a few digits on the entrance lock and opened the door. There was some guy there, maybe a year or two younger than Veronique, but not much.
„This is Mihael,“ she said and a raven-haired guy with an athletic build, extended his hand.
„Mihael is our IT master,“ Veronique continued. „He will be your right hand man.“
urban legend IT master
„I got an intel this morning, boss,“ he said to Veronique. „He has to go there as soon as possible.“
„What?“ I asked them.
„To do your first mission,“ replied Mihael. „Find Amanda Black.“
„Your ex-lover,“ Veronique replied sharply.

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