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Who am I?

Today I finally felt strong, mentally and physically. I stepped out of the big, yellow- painted neoclassical building of Upper Alupinnia Hospital and asked myself: ”How do I know it’s neoclassical?“
My doctor, who is in charge of my weekly Tuesday therapy says that, in time, I will remember everything. I hope so, because, every time I have a flashback like this, I become frustrated. I feel like my brain takes over and leads an independent life, and I wait for when it will decide to give me back my memories. I would really like to step out from therapy one day and enjoy the calm of the nearby lake in the summer, hear the sound of my feet crunching the dry leaves in the fall, remember some old times watching the snow in winter or let my eyes rest on white, yellow and purple leaves in this Old Hospital Alley. You can relax and feel how calm and inner peace overwhelm you.  No matter what time of year it is.
It’s winter now and when I stepped out of the building and onto the old paved driveway, I smelled oil. I glanced left and right to see if there was some accident, but there was nobody. Just a few people entering the building. I didn’t like that smell. It made me feel nauseous and my heart started to beat so fast that I thought I’d collapse and go into shock. I was like an animal that senses danger. Why? Why do I feel like that? Who am I? I took my ID card, looked again at my picture and name. Hector Holden. Who is he? Why did I wake up in the heart of Europe, in this country? I’m sure I wasn’t born here, in any part of Alupinnia. I tried discreetly to find out if I had some relatives here, but the answer was no! I remember the Prymm every day. That is a small hill on the border. I remember my blood on the sharp rocks and a terrible headache. I was left with this ID, 50 euros, and the note: ”Get well. Recover. Become private investigator. People will come. Believe. Everything will be fine.“ At the end of the note, there was an instruction: ”Destroy this note if you want to live.“ I did that. I often wonder if I did wrong.
So, after I stepped out of the hospital area, I went to look for the location that is best for my office. I took a walk because the center of the City of Prymm (the same name as that hill where I woke up) wasn’t far away. Walking the main street that leads to the center, I noticed a familiar face. Riley, the nurse that was so kind to me during my time in the hospital, was sitting on a white bench and silently crying. I was curious and wanted to ask her why she was so upset, but then she realized I was there. Her big blue eyes stared at me. She was petrified.

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